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A fun project, if I do say so myself: five fics I really loved, for no particular reason, off the top of my head, every Sunday in December.

So Full of Beans and Promise (The Good Wife, Will/Alicia), by bayloriffic. You fall in love with Will during your second semester at Georgetown, in the bathroom at a house party filled with first-year law students. When I went back to look for this I realized it had actually been written FOR me, so: duh, I really liked it. Will Gardner, barefoot and twenty-two and wearing a Hoyas shirt.

No More Than a Stone in a Pasture Full of Stones (SVU, Elliot/Olivia), by annakovsky. If you couldn't be a sex crimes detective, what would you be? HEY YOU GUYS, REMEMBER FAULT?

One Thousand, Three Hundred, and Fifty-Three Feet, (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Ferris/Cameron/Sloane), by kyraficThe question is, "what aren't we going to do?" One of my favorite kinds of fic is the fic you didn't realize was missing from your life, and this is 100% that kind of fic. Bonus points, as always, for sexiness.

Home, Let Me Come Home (Lost, Sawyer/Kate), by dollsome. He's let himself go a little. A lot of wonderful things happen in this fic, but the most important one is that Sawyer and Kate take a shower at a public pool.

In the Middle of that Riot, Couldn't Get You Off My Mind (Rookie Blue, Andy/Sam), by threeguesses. The dress doesn't fit. This is, straight up, my favorite piece of fanfiction ever written. Click boom.

Also hey, if you too are feeling ficcish: I'm still taking prompts over here. xox
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I feel like the only way to get back into posting in this thing is to just like, post in it?


1. All the Quantico fic in the universe (Rookie Blue fandom, are you watching Quantico? I THINK YOU WOULD LIKE QUANTICO A LOT) but in particular the Alex/Shelby/Ryan threesome, in particular the RPF that addresses Jake McLaughlin having worked on a crab boat in Oregon before he became an actor

2. For Unreal to have a thousand more seasons and all of them to feature scenes of characters using vibrators

3. Tickets to Hamilton for tomorrow night

4. To know what the actual deal is with Linda Holmes and Stephen Thompson in particular if the actual deal is in any way romantic, whatever, if you think public radio personalities is the weirdest thing I've ever shipped you obviously don't know me very well


6. 10,000 words of really well-written gen fic about all the Chopped judges having Thanksgiving together

7. Seasons 2 and 3 of Serial in their entirety, immediately, even though I recognize that defeats the purpose of Serial

8. A Hallmark Holiday movie about Ryan Reynolds and Shiri Appleby being stuck in an airport on Christmas Eve due to a snowstorm and all the wacky airport employees wear Christmas sweaters and ship them and maybe they knew each other in high school and one of them is about to marry the wrong person, who can say

9. For SVU to somehow address that gray beard Meloni sports these days, someone could just casually mention it in passing, it wouldn't be any weirder than most SVU dialogue

10. LJ RENAISSANCE 2015, LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN, hey is this thing on

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I like the undershirt on this cover, I won't lie.

Oh hey, it's the last book in the trilogy!


Great Barrington beat cops Jackson Ford and Marisol de la Espada enjoyed a seamless partnership for a decade, guarding each other’s backs, predicting each other’s moves. Until they sent it all to hell with a gesture of comfort that turned romantic. Not only was the sex awkward—terrible, even—it messed with their focus. And Jack was shot.

Four months later, Jack has been cleared for active duty, but beneath his barely mended body, he’s barely holding it together. Because once the paramedics tore his blood-soaked body out from under Marisol’s hands, she practically disappeared.

Since that day, Marisol has done nothing but replay every mistake she made over and over in her mind. As she and Jack grope through the pain, the guilt, and the fog of PTSD for the key to healing their partnership, they begin to wonder if love is enough to heal the trauma, or if they’re destined to blow their partnership—and any chance at love—all to pieces.

Bang isn't out until 3/3, but you can preorder here-- and in the meantime, hit me with a fandom/pairing + a prompt (I'm watching all kinds of random business these days, so don't hold back), and I'll hit you with some fic!

Hi, fandom. It has been too long.
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threeguesses and lowriseflare wrote a book, "oops we did it again" edition


Addie Manzella does her best to keep her complicated personal life separate from work. But after the funeral of a colleague who died in an arson fire, things come to a head. She goes tequila shot for tequila shot with fellow firefighter Eli Grant—a contest that ends in the bedroom.

Sure, the sex is great—okay, it’s the best of her life—but Eli clearly isn’t a long-term kind of guy. Though his post-divorce antics read more goofball than player, he’s a complication she doesn’t need.

Bold, brassy Addie is a serious threat to Eli’s determination to hide a dark history. Not even his ex-wife knows the whole story behind the burn scars on his body. Yet he can’t resist the challenge of pursuing Addie—especially since she clearly likes being chased.

The fire that took their friend, though, isn’t the last. As more buildings—and more lives—go up in flames, Eli’s past comes roiling to the present. Threatening to send their fledgling romance up in smoke.

Warning: This book contains two wicked-hot firefighters, a dark secret, sex in semi-public places, and a smidge of Catholic guilt.

SINGE is out July 1, but you can preorder here and read a sneak peek below in the meantime...

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