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It's business.

The end of the third season of The Wire: more emotionally devastating than "Casino Night"? I THINK SO.

Oh GOD, Stringer and Avon, way to break me into a million little pieces. I actually cried.

Important: where is all the fic about Stringer and Avon and Brianna being young and reckless and running around in the towers, and maybe there is a love triangle? Equally important: where is all the fic about McNulty and Baltimore Police Officer Holly Flax having their first awkward date and him screwing everything up and her very calmly telling him how it's going to be?
nice handstand nerd

the king stay the king

Important topics for discussion upon finishing the first season of The Wire:

1. This show totally sneak attacked me! Boyfriend started watching it a couple of weeks ago and I was all, "Blah blah drugs cops corruption if you want me to watch this with you then you need to turn up the volume because I can't understand a single word anyone is saying," and then suddenly somehow we wound up mainlining the episodes four at a time? I cannot remember the last time I was this invested in a show that lacked one or more of the following: a) a polar bear, b) a secret hatch, c) a yearn-y, angsty ship (unless you count me/McNulty as a ship, which I sort of do). Arty HBO-type shows tend to hit my brain and not my heart, but this one somehow has me feeling my feelings on a regular basis even though there is no overt Jim/Pam action.

2. In a related story, how is it possible that I love Jimmy McNulty and Tony Soprano with total blind devotion, but Vic Mackie and Don Draper make me want to barf?

3. HEY THAT'S CHARLES MINER. And the Gravedigger from Bones! And that other guy from Lost and Oz and SVU and also everything, ever.

4. Other things: Collapse )

5. Also, I lied, I ship Stringer/Avon and Stringer/Community College.

In conclusion: Dear Lost, I am officially on the rebound.